My HP Printer is Printing too Large

A user called me the other day and told me that their HP Printer was printing too large. At first, I had no idea what they meant by this. Was the paper in the printer too large to begin with? Or was the text that was being printed on the paper too large?

After a little bit of a discussion, I found out that the issue was the latter. The text that was being printed onto plain pages appeared too large.

The first thing that I thought to try was to adjust the size of the text in both the Printer Properties and the program that the user was trying to print from. However, when I went to do this, I found that the size of the text was set to the default.

The user then mentioned that they had spoken to HP, and were advised to download a PCL5 Postscript version of their driver. I wasn’t previously aware that this could fix a problem such as text size, but HP typically knows what they’re talking about. I decided to give it a shot.

It turns out that installing a PCL 5.x driver for an HP printer fixes this issue. Just cruise over to the HP website to download the driver for your printer model, and set the printer to use that new driver. We can do this using the following method:

-Access ‘Devices and Printers’ using the Start Menu. This is listed in the Right-hand column of the menu.

-Right-click on the printer you’re working with and click ‘Printer Properties':

-Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab in the box that appears:

-Now use that drop-down box to select the PCL5 Driver that you just downloaded. It should be listed.

-Print a test page and make sure that everything’s back to normal.

Any questions or comments? Please post and let me know!

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